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During the National Day holiday, incidents of "cross-border sports and entertainment" are still common.


On October 7, the news that Wang Yibo, a member of the popular idol group UNIQ, crossed the boundary racing, but lost his results in a car crash, maxed out social media, and related news frequently appeared in hot searches;


On October 4th, PP Sports invited the lead singer of the popular band "Da Wenxi" of "Le Xia 2" as a special guest to explain the match between Inter Milan vs. Lazio, and the last one explained football in the PP Sports Studio The guest star is Lu Han.

10月4日,PP Sports邀请“乐夏2”流行乐队“ Da Wenxi”的主唱作为特别嘉宾解释国际米兰与拉齐奥之间的比赛,最后一位在PP Sports Studio中解释足球来宾明星是鹿Han。

In our country, why the "fusion" of sports and entertainment has always been the focus of discussion. But instead of insisting on arguing "A or B is more advanced", it is better to try to break through the inherent thinking inertia.

在我国,为什么体育与娱乐“融合”一直是人们讨论的重点。但是与其坚持认为“ A或B更高级”,不如尝试突破固有的思维惯性。

In all sports communities, there is one type of problem that is always enduring, and that is the historical position:


Ronaldo and Messi, James and Kobe, Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​Lakers and Celtics...


Every time at this time, fans from all walks of life have quoted and spoken words. It seems that only time can temporarily quell the flames of war between the two sides, and everyone will never reach any consensus in repeated quarrels.


Especially in recent years, the cross-border attempts of sports entertainment in various latitudes have brought the friction between sports audiences and the entertainment circle to a peak.


From the "Boom Bar" battle that "Emperor Bar went to war without a blade of grass" to the "Chibi Battle" that was launched by Hupu netizens and Wu Yifan fans not long ago, the Internet torn the world into force. Faced with fans in the fan circle who are more adept at controlling reviews and ranking lists, fans who "dare to compete with the fans and do not give in to the idols" will always unite the battle style of the front with a cynical "collective diss" Upgrade to the "Internet squabbling" of anger.


However, are these two types of fan groups really diametrically opposed?


In fact, we should not simply apply the framework of "dual opposition" to understand the relationship between the fan circle and the fan circle. There is both a diaphragm and mutual penetration between the two, which requires us to make a more detailed analysis.




It must be admitted that the combination of sports audiences and fans in the fan circle has different psychological mechanisms and media causes, which also result in different behavior and thinking habits. When this difference is magnified by the information barriers or cultural barriers between different circles, fans in one of the relationship modes can easily habitually use a set of evaluation criteria that they have been immersed in for a long time to demonstrate their relationship with each other. Different kinds of superior and inferior points.


Around the problem of psychological mechanism, there is such a metaphor circulating in the fan culture research community:


The "mirror" mentioned here, as a psychological concept, refers to an idealized self-image. In other words, the idol will make fans feel that he is somewhat similar to himself, but at the same time, he is a better and better image. The existence of this image allows fans to launch a certain narcissistic desire projection, and obtain the prosperity and the psychological satisfaction of being honored from the achievements of the idol.


As NBA legend Nash said:


However, the above-mentioned theory may not be suitable for explaining the emotion of the rice circle. If we still use the analogy of "mirror love", the mirror here is hardly called the "mirror of narcissism."


To use an inappropriate analogy, for fans in the fan circle, the digital interface full of idol images is more like a kind of "fengyuebao": from "girlfriend fans", "boyfriend fans", " The terms "sister fan" and "mother fan" can be seen that the fan-idol relationship formed in the fan circle is not so much a narcissistic identity, as it is an imaginative intimacy.


For fans in the fan circle, today's "idol" is more like a "cloud boyfriend/girlfriend/brother/brother/sister/sister..." that exists on the Internet.


As far as idols are concerned, the first thing we need to be clear is that in the context of the entertainment industry in China, Japan and Korea, "idol" means a specific profession that is different from professional actors/singers/dancers.


Although "idols" can dabble in the fields of singing, dancing, performance, etc., they also have an outstanding distinguishing feature: they will actively respond to fans' intimacy in concerts, meet-and-greets, variety shows, social media and other occasions. Imagination of relationship.


In addition, they are also good at sending out a series of image materials called "fan welfare" when facing the media's camera lens, fans' meal shots or personal selfie shots, so that fans can use these materials to expand their brains. Complement and re-creation, thus entering into an imaginative intimate relationship.


As far as the fans are concerned, they will not only produce and disseminate a large number of welfare materials and meal-making videos, but also actively participate in various online and offline support activities. While giving idols "support of love", they will continue to Strengthen the emotional connection between oneself and "idol".


In this two-way interactive relationship construction process, interactive media represented by social media plays a vital role.




It can be said that the support culture flows from the fan circle into the fan circle, and then develops a new form and context in the fan circle, and then returns from the fan circle to the fan circle in recent years.


If it is said that as the fans’ "love in the mirror", the star mainly uses one-way communication of skills and career achievements to accumulate media exposure and audience recognition, and then win fan worship and social prestige; then, "love The popularity of "dou" is mainly derived from the emotional connection they have established with fans in the two-way interaction in the Internet age.

如果说作为歌迷的“镜子里的爱”,这位明星主要是通过单方面的技巧和职业成就交流来积累媒体曝光度和观众认可度,然后赢得歌迷崇拜和社会声望。然后,“爱”“ dou”的流行主要源于他们在互联网时代的双向互动中与粉丝建立的情感联系。

Because the career achievements of sports stars mainly depend on the success or failure of sports competitions, and sports competitions have already established closed game rules. Therefore, fans who look at idols through the screen do not expect their actions to directly affect the success of idols.


In contrast, the entertainment industry uses data indicators such as sales, box office, ratings, and click-through rates as the basic parameters for judging the value of artists; and the so-called "Internet thinking" and "big data algorithms" are gradually gaining a dominant position. In the context, social media traffic data has become a key indicator of popularity.


For Fanquan fans, they can participate in the manufacturing process of these data indicators. Although their way of participation will undoubtedly be meticulously induced by commercial companies and professional fans, compared to ordinary fans who cannot interfere with the outcome of the game or the decision of the club, this kind of participation can still add a certain joy to the fan circle fans’ star chasing process. The sense of feedback, accomplishment and "sense of development".


In order to effectively achieve this kind of influence and intervention, Fandian fans have developed a series of trendy mobilization methods and support strategies.


At the same time, in the context of new media changes, some mobilization methods and support strategies are flowing from the fan circle into the fan circle.


On the one hand, more and more stars are trying to use social media to increase their exposure and influence, and create a fuller personal brand image; on the other hand, official institutions like FIFA are also beginning to judge awards. Introducing a network interaction mechanism to give fans a certain degree of weight in voting. In this situation, the support experience accumulated by fans in the fan circle who are familiar with new media play has become a resource for fans to learn from.


In addition, the flow of users on social networks has also brought information interaction among different circles. Although certain cross-circle behaviors of fans in the fan circle (such as "control review", "reporting", etc.) often anger some fans, at the same time, more and more dual fans are both in the fan circle and in the fan circle , Is also actively introducing the words and strategies of the fan circle into the fan circle, thus enriching the support means of the fan group.


In controversial cases such as Zhang Jike in the table tennis circle and Yuzuru Hanyu in the figure skating circle, we can also clearly observe the penetration of the words of the meal circle into the sports circle.

在有争议的情况下,例如乒乓球圈中的张继科和花样滑冰圈中的Yuzuru Hanyu,我们还可以清楚地观察到用餐圈中的单词在运动圈中的渗透。

Outside of the fan circle, entertainment giants' more sophisticated and professional brokerage models are also feeding back the further development of the sports industry.


For example, YG Entertainment, a well-known Korean brokerage and entertainment company, the currently highly sought-after girl group BLACKPINK, the once-popular bird psy and "Gangnam Style" are all made by YG. In addition to the super strong entertainment business, YG has also shown full ambitions in the sports industry, especially golf. They set up a subsidiary YG Sports to realize their vision in the field of sports brokerage.

例如,著名的韩国经纪和娱乐公司YG Entertainment,目前备受追捧的女子组合BLACKPINK,曾经风靡一时的小鸟psy和“ Gangnam Style”都是YG制作的。除了超强的娱乐业务外,YG还展示了在体育产业中的雄心壮志,尤其是高尔夫。他们成立了子公司YG Sports,以实现他们在体育经纪领域的愿景。

When YG Sports was founded, they explained their motives in this way.

YG Sports成立时,他们以这种方式解释了他们的动机。

And YG Sports's sports layout does not stop there. They also launched online programs such as "Golf Superstar 1v1" and "GolfRoad" or golf introductory teaching under the YouTube channel. These methods with obvious traces of entertainment star operation have undoubtedly brought a wave to the sports circle. fresh air.

YG Sports的体育布局并不止于此。他们还通过YouTube频道推出了在线节目,例如“ Golf Superstar 1v1”和“ GolfRoad”或高尔夫入门教学。这些带有明显娱乐明星运作痕迹的方法无疑给体育界带来了一股热潮。新鲜空气。

Therefore, in the face of this trend, instead of insisting on arguing "A and B which is more advanced", we should try to break through the inherent inertia of thinking and discuss together such questions: how the media revolution in the current era will reshape the fan culture How will the existing model give birth to a brand new style of idol star?


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