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欧巴体育官方网站-王宝山赛后说出四个感谢 泰达上岸后该有更大目标

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Since the TEDA team played very well under the lineup of the previous game, Wang Baoshan had no other changes in the starting lineup except for Guo Hao instead of Zheng Kaimu, who was suspended due to the four yellow matches; For the change, the foreign aid started with the forward Mari, who came on the bench last round, with obvious intention to attack. Song Zhuxun was on the bench and the goalkeeper continued to use Guowei. In addition, Pei Shuai and Zhang Yuan were sent on the defense line, and players such as Wang Yongpo, Li Yuanyi and Liu Yue who started last round became substitutes.


   Shenzhen Kaisa launched a fierce attack in the first half, TEDA's focus was on defense, Suarez also retreated more obviously, but TEDA also looked for opportunities on the offensive side. In the 18th minute, Achim Peng scored the ball from the left to Rong Hao, who made a vigorous shot to change the line and then slipped out. In the 23rd minute, the opponent Mali's header broke the TEda goal, but the referee confirmed that he was offside first. ; 5 minutes later, it was Mali who took over Zhang Yuanchuan to grab a point from the left side of the penalty area. Although the linesman once again signaled offside, the referee confirmed that the goal was valid through VAR and TEDA was behind 0-1. After losing the ball, TEDA moved forward and tried to put pressure on the opponent. Both sides also created some offensives, but they did not form an absolute chance.

深圳凯莎上半年发动了猛烈进攻,泰达的重心放在了防守上,苏亚雷斯也撤退了,但泰达也在进攻方面寻找了机会。在第18分钟,阿奇姆·彭(Achim Peng)从左路得分,向容浩(Rong Hao)射出一记大力球,改变线并滑出。在第23分钟,对手马里的头球打破了TEda的进球,但裁判确认他首先越位。 ; 5分钟后,是马里(Mali)接过张远川,从禁区左侧抢下一个角度。尽管巡边员再次发出越位信号,但裁判确认通过VAR进球是有效的,而TEDA则落后0-1。丢球后,泰达前进并试图向对手施加压力。双方也发动了一些进攻,但并没有形成绝对的机会。

   In the second half, Shenzhen Kaisa continued to put on a siege posture. In the 53rd minute, Gao Lin's shot hit the crossbar and popped out. TEDA escaped! However, in the 75th minute, the game ushered in the most critical moment. Achim Peng relied on his personal ability to create a set ball on the left side of the front field. Ahmedov issued a precise guidance back point to find the German iron guard Bastian. The latter grabbed a point and slowly scored the ball into the opponent's goal. TEDA evened the score 1-1! After this goal, the whole team and the fans in the stands fell into a carnival state! In the subsequent game, TEDA, who regained its 2-goal advantage, stabilized its defense, withstood several threatening shots from its opponents, and maintained a 1-1 score until the end of the game. TEDA defeated 3-1 with a total score. Opponent, successfully completed the relegation!

下半年,深圳佳兆业继续围困。在第53分钟,高林的射门击中了横梁并弹出。泰达逃脱了!但是,在第75分钟,游戏迎来了最关键的时刻。阿奇姆·彭(Achim Peng)依靠他的个人能力在前场左侧制造一个定球。艾哈迈多夫下达了精确的指导点,以找到德国的铁卫兵巴斯蒂安。后者抓住了一个点,并慢慢将球打入对手的球门。泰达将比分扳成1-1!完成这个目标后,整个团队和看台上的球迷都陷入了狂欢的状态!在随后的比赛中,泰达重新获得了2个进球的优势,稳定了自己的防守,抵挡了对手的几次威胁球,并一直保持1-1的得分,直到比赛结束。 TEDA以总比分3-1击败。对手,成功完成了保级!


Wang Baoshan: This game was really difficult. Seeing the opponent changed their formation, our defense was a little caught off guard. It also reflected that we were in a two-goal lead and compared our first half, especially the first 30 minutes. Be conservative, and then we actively adjusted to limit the opponent's aggressive attack.


I won’t go into details about the process of the game. This kind of knockout relegation battle has experienced some unprecedented difficulties for Tianjin TEDA. Here I would like to say four gratitudes. First, thank the club for trusting me in the most difficult times; I want to thank my players for their recognition and acceptance of my tactical play; third, I want to thank the TEDA fans who came from a long distance, thank them for their support; finally, I want to thank Ahmedov in particular, before leaving for Dalian Aiha’s father is still in the hospital due to the new crown pneumonia. In this case, we cannot ask him to stay, but as a professional player, he chose to stay and help us when the team was most difficult. After completing the relegation task, I personally express my gratitude to Aiha on behalf of the whole team! Relegation is the mission and goal of this year's club that we want to complete. In the next game, we must continue to carry forward our technical and tactical style and fighting spirit to play the game well.


Suarez: This is a two-round match. We defeated the opponent 2-0 very well in the first round. This match is also played according to the deployment of the head coach before the game. We will complete the defense based on the premise of defense. The counterattack tactics also accomplished the pre-match goal very well. The goal of our team has been completed, and we still have games to play. We will do a good job in implementing the requirements of the head coach in future games and improve ourselves to complete the game better.




   Congratulations TEDA team! After experiencing an unbearable first stage, perhaps most people did not expect that the TEDA team's relegation was completed so quickly! TEDA also managed to hold a tie in this game. The result of one win and one tie is convincing. TEDA is a strong team. Although the process is really thrilling, the heartbeat this time is a kind of enjoyment, although the result is just completion. Relegation, but enough to make everyone happy!


In this game, Shenzhen Kaisa learned the lessons of the previous game. It has a very strict defense against Suarez. In addition, the overall formation has moved forward and the aggressive attack is obvious. TEDA's performance in the game is indeed not as active as the previous round. The rate and pass success rate are too low under the pressure of the opponent, and the pressure on the back line is very high. However, the overall performance of the team cannot be said to be bad. The strength of the opponent striker Mali is also in front of us. There are still holes in the opponent's long-term attack. The situation after conceding a goal has also become very delicate. The psychology of the next game The level of competition is actually much higher than the purely technical and tactical confrontation.


The second half of the game made people's hearts beat faster. Gao Lin shot the TEda team's crossbar in the opening stage, making people startled in a cold sweat. Every pass made by the opponent made people feel nervous, but the TEDA team persisted and finally in the 75th minute. It paid off! Bass eventually became the protagonist of this game. With the striker blocked, he who was usually unknown finally seized the opportunity! Although the opponent still attacked after the goal, everyone knew that TEDA could be relegated. The pressure was released at this moment, and it felt so cool!


   After relegation, we enjoy a short period of joy, but we also have to calmly think about the past. The second stage of TEDA really made people feel a "renewed look". Everyone saw that TEDA has increased its investment in introducing Ahmedov and Suarez, and the team as a whole has changed. Judging from the arrangement of this year’s league, the importance of the first stage is indeed weakened. In this context, the TEDA team did not have enough tension in the previous preparations until the team decided to increase its adjustment efforts. , Thus ensuring the possibility of completing the relegation task in the second stage two rounds. Imagine if the team's performance in the first stage was not so bad, the team was not so nervous before the relegation battle, and the remedies were insufficient in all aspects, what would happen to TEDA now? Thinking too much does make people feel "feared", so this is really a "blessing in disguise".

降级之后,我们享受着短暂的喜悦,但是我们也必须冷静地思考过去。 TEDA的第二阶段确实使人们感到“焕然一新”。每个人都看到TEDA在引进Ahmedov和Suarez方面加大了投入,整个团队也发生了变化。从今年联赛的安排来看,第一阶段的重要性确实被削弱了。在这种情况下,TEDA团队在之前的准备工作中没有足够的紧张感,直到该团队决定加大调整力度。 ,从而确保了在第二阶段两轮中完成保级任务的可能性。想象一下,如果团队在第一阶段的表现还不错,在降级之战之前团队并没有那么紧张,并且各方面的补救措施都不充分,那么泰达现在会怎么样?过多思考的确会使人感到“恐惧”,因此这确实是“变相的祝福”。

   Of course, TEDA, who has no pressure to relegation, must also consider what attitude it should use to face the remaining four rounds of the league. Achievements are important, and there is nothing wrong with using appropriate strategies to "immediately" relegation under the special league system, but we should look at those fans who still support the team unconditionally in adversity. In the past many seasons, the team has often faced the threat of relegation issues. TEDA can still stay in the top league because it can always correct mistakes and correct attitudes at critical moments. This is also an important reason for many fans not to leave. However, as a team that can easily relegation after setting the longest start record, this "title" does not sound honorable, but it may lose the hearts of fans. "Change your way of life" cannot be just a slogan, nor can the established past. The change depends on what kind of season ranking TEDA can use to make up for it.

当然,没有降级压力的泰达也必须考虑面对剩下的四轮联赛应该采用什么态度。成就很重要,在特殊联赛体系下使用适当的策略“立即”降级没有错,但是我们应该看看那些仍然在逆境中无条件支持球队的球迷。在过去的多个赛季中,车队经常面临降级问题的威胁。 TEDA仍然可以保持领先地位,因为它始终可以在关键时刻纠正错误和纠正态度。这也是许多粉丝不离开的重要原因。但是,作为一支能够在创下最长的首发记录后轻松降级的球队,这个“头衔”听起来并不光彩,但可能会失去球迷的心。 “改变你的生活方式”不仅是一个口号,也不是既定的过去。更改取决于TEDA可以使用哪种季节排名来弥补。

   After the relegation "safe landing", from a pragmatic point of view, the current more realistic goal is the Football Association Cup. Due to the conflict between the AFC Champions League and the FA Cup, in addition to the eliminated Shanghai Shenhua, the strength of the remaining three AFC Super League teams fighting in the two-line AFC Cup was dispersed. If the team's condition remains normal, it is possible for TEDA to advance to the top four or even hit a higher goal. All in all, I hope that TEDA can "drive low and go high" in the season, and while getting results, it can also become more active and work hard. (Jinyun News reporter Cao Ruizhi photographed Liu Xin)

在降级“安全着陆”之后,从务实的角度来看,当前更现实的目标是足协杯。由于亚冠联赛和足总杯之间的冲突,除了淘汰上海申花队外,其余两支在两线亚足联杯中战斗的亚足联超级联赛球队的实力也有所分散。如果车队的状况保持正常,泰达有可能晋升到前四名甚至达到更高的目标。总而言之,我希望TEDA能在本赛季“低速前进”,并且在取得成果的同时,也能变得更加活跃和努力。 (J云新闻报社记者曹瑞芝摄刘鑫)

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