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On April 14, 2020, a video was exposed online in which Guangzhou Evergrande player Yu Hanchao openly altered the vehicle license plate on the street.


Once the incident was exposed, it immediately attracted the attention of the Guangzhou traffic police. Soon after, Yu Hanchao was taken to Tianhe Traffic Police Brigade for investigation for violating the traffic safety law.


Picture from Guangzhou Evergrande official website


For Yu Hanchao, this incident not only meant a fine of 5,000 yuan, 15 days of administrative detention, and 12 points for a driver's license, but also put his original smooth career into crisis. On the evening of April 14, 2020, Guangzhou Evergrande Football Club officially announced that the player Yu Hanchao seriously violated the "Nine Expulsion" disciplinary regulations of the "Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao Football Club Players "Three Nine" Team Rules", which was determined after the company's research. , To be expelled.

对于于汉超来说,这一事件不仅意味着要处以5000元的罚款,15天的行政拘留和12个驾照的积分,而且还使他本来就顺利的职业陷入危机。 2020年4月14日晚,广州恒大足球俱乐部正式宣布,球员于汉超严重违反了《广州恒大淘宝足球俱乐部球员“三九”团队规则》的“九开除”纪律规定。公司的研究。 ,被开除。

In addition to Yu Hanchao, many players in football history have been expelled. The author will list five representative people and talk to you about the stories behind these expulsions.


In the summer of 2002, football became a common topic for all mankind. People are fascinated by the fantastic performance of Brazil's "3R combination", surprised at the defeat of the defending champion France team from the bottom of the group, and angry at the injustices encountered by Italy in the 1/8 finals.

在2002年夏天,足球成为全人类的共同话题。人们对巴西“ 3R组合”的出色表现着迷,对卫冕冠军法国队从小组末段的失败感到惊讶,并对意大利在1/8决赛中遇到的不公正感到生气。

On June 18, 2002, South Korea played against Italy in the 1/8 final of the Korea-Japan World Cup. Judging from the paper strength of both sides, Italy, which has many superstars, is naturally far better than South Korea. But no one thought that such a seemingly one-sided match would become the most famous match-fixing event in World Cup history.


Byron Moreno, this unsmiling little man became the subject of criticism from all Italians after the game. During the game, Byron Moreno not only turned a blind eye to the South Korean team’s fierce foul, but also gave the host a highly controversial penalty, and then sent off the blue shirt in overtime in the name of an unnecessarily flop. Totti, the core of the Legion, then ruled that Tomasi's anti-offside goal was invalid. With Byron Moreno's "diligence", the host South Korea was able to "difficultly defeat" Italy and advance to the quarterfinals of the World Cup.

拜伦·莫雷诺(Byron Moreno),这个不苟言笑的小矮人在赛后成为了所有意大利人的批评对象。比赛中,拜伦·莫雷诺(Byron Moreno)不仅对韩国队的猛烈犯规视而不见,而且还对东道主施加了极具争议性的罚款,然后以不必要的失败之名加班送下了蓝衬衫。军团的核心托蒂随后裁定,托马西的反越位目标无效。在拜伦·莫雷诺(Byron Moreno)的“勤奋”下,东道国韩国能够“艰难地击败”意大利,晋级世界杯四分之一决赛。

An Jung Hwan


After the game, all Italians pointed their fingers at referee Byron Moreno and the South Korean team he helped. Serie A Perugia club owner Gao Qi publicly stated: "I will not take in a player who ruined Italian football...I will not extend the contract with An Zhenhuan, he can return to Korea." (An Zhenhuan in 1/ A goal was scored in the 117th minute of the final of the 8th, which killed Italy.) Not only that, the subsequent Serie A has formed an unwritten rule: the introduction of Korean players is prohibited.

比赛结束后,所有意大利人将手指对准了裁判拜伦·莫雷诺(Byron Moreno)和他帮助的韩国队。意甲佩鲁贾俱乐部老板高琦公开表示:“我不会招募一名破坏了意大利足球的球员……我不会延长与安振焕的合同,他可以回到韩国。” (在1/8进球的安贞焕在8决赛的第117分钟打进一球,这场比赛杀死了意大利。)不仅如此,随后的意甲也形成了一条不成文的规则:禁止引进朝鲜球员。

An Zhenhuan in the period of Dalian Shide


After being expelled from Perugia, Ahn Jung-hwan played for Japan’s Shimizu Mogul and Yokohama Mariners, France’s Metz, Germany’s Duisburg, South Korea’s Suwon Samsung, and China’s Dalian Shide. On January 31, 2012, An Zhenhuan held a press conference in Seoul and announced his official retirement.

在被佩鲁贾开除后,安贞焕先后效力于日本的清水大亨和横滨水手,法国的梅斯,德国的杜伊斯堡,韩国的水原三星和中国的大连实德。 2012欧巴体育官方网站年1月31日,安振焕在首尔举行了新闻发布会,并宣布他正式退休。

Regarding the expulsion of An Zhenhuan from Perugia, it is generally believed that An Zhenhuan “deserved the crime”. However, the South Korean star also expressed his various discriminations in Serie A in previous interviews. An Jung-hwan said that Perugia captain Materazzi once said that he "thinks only at a child's level" and kicked in when the players were in the locker room and shouted "How can there be a smell of garlic."


In the early 1990s, Chelsea was in the dilemma of a sluggish record for a long time, and Wise became a key figure in the blues' revival. During the 11 seasons with Chelsea, Wise helped the team win the 1997 and 2000 England FA Cup, the 1998 European Super Cup, the European Cup Winners' Cup and the English League Cup. He was also named the England Footballer of the year for his outstanding performance in 1998.


In addition to superb skills, another major feature of Wise is his strong mental attributes. Nicknamed "Angry Rat", his playing style is fierce, and often caused fierce conflicts because of some excessive movements.


On July 20, 2002, Wise had a fierce quarrel with his teammate Garen Davidson during the Finnish preseason. An angry Wise slammed Garen Davidson on the nose and chin, causing the latter to fracture many parts of his face. Subsequently, Wise was ordered to leave the team and return home by the Leicester City Club, and was expelled on August 2.

2002年7月20日,在芬兰的季前赛期间,怀斯与队友加伦·戴维森(Garen Davidson)发生了激烈的争吵。愤怒的智者用鼻子和下巴猛击Garen Davidson,导致后者下巴的许多部位骨折。随后,怀斯被莱斯特城俱乐部勒令离开球队并返回家园,并于8月2日被开除。

Wise, who received the expulsion notice, did not give up. He contacted the English Professional Players Union to appeal the club’s decision. Surprisingly, Wise's appeal was successful. The Football Association believes that Leicester City's handling of the players is too strict, demanding that the club recover their lives and give Wise two weeks of salary (about 70,000 pounds) compensation.


Soon after, the Leicester City Club appealed against the FA's decision. On September 18, the English Football League Disciplinary Committee ruled that Leicester City won the case and the club could maintain the penalty for Wise.

此后不久,莱斯特城俱乐部就对英足总的决定提出上诉。 9月18日,英格兰足球联赛纪律委员会裁定莱斯特城胜诉,俱乐部可以维持对怀斯的处罚。

After leaving Leicester City, Wise has played for three teams, Mewhal, Southampton and Coventry. On May 9, 2006, after representing Coventry in 13 games, Wise officially announced his retirement.

离开莱斯特城后,怀斯曾效力于梅瓦尔,南安普敦和考文垂三支球队。 2006年5月9日,在代表考文垂参加13场比赛之后,怀斯正式宣布退役。

Once upon a time, people always think of Adrian Mutu when they talk about Romania. His ascent trajectory is as gorgeous as fireworks, making the whole of Europe look at it.

曾几何时,人们谈论罗马尼亚时总是想到阿德里安·穆图(Adrian Mutu)。他的上升轨迹像烟花一样绚烂,整个欧洲都在看它。

In 1999, Mutu joined Serie A giants Inter Milan with his outstanding performance in Bucharest Dynamo. In Inter Milan, it is difficult for Mutu to compete with Ronaldinho, Vieri and others. In order to seek more playing opportunities, Mutu has joined Verona and Parma.


In the relegation team Verona, Mutu has become the absolute main force of the team. In his first season with Verona, he played 25 times and scored 4 goals, helping the team difficult to complete relegation. Verona took a fancy to Mutu's high quality and low price, and spent 4 million euros to officially buy it out. In the second season, Mutu's offensive stats have been further improved. He represented Verona in 32 league appearances and scored 12 goals, becoming the team's top scorer. However, when Verona's defensive performance was too bad this season, Mutu did his best to change the fate of the team's relegation.


After Verona was relegated, Mutu joined Parma, which had not yet sunk. In the 2002~2003 season, Mutu and Adriano formed the double striker Megatron Apennin. The two of them scored 33 goals in the league. Among them, Mutu scored 18 goals and won the Serie A silver boots. If we move our attention to the bottom of the scorer list, we can see Inzaghi (17 goals in the season), Piero (16 goals in the season), Totti (14 goals in the season) and many other great names.


In August 2003, Mutu joined Chelsea with a transfer fee of £15.8 million. As a major signing after Abramovich entered the Blues, the club's senior officials hope he can carry the offensive line and break the monopoly of Manchester United and Arsenal for the Premier League championship. Who would have thought that Mutu did not bring cheers and laughter to Chelsea fans, but added a black spot that could never be erased in his career.


On October 18, 2004, Mutu was found to have taken cocaine illegally during a drug test organized by the FA. However, the Romanian at that time had not fully realized the seriousness of the matter. He once stated in public that Chelsea would not expel himself.


It turns out that Mutu was too naive on this matter. Abramovich, who is eager to establish the image of the club, and Mourinho, who has always been strict in ruling the army, will not give him a second chance. On October 29, British time, Chelsea officially issued a statement-expelling Mutu!


Mutu felt that his career was in darkness because of the scandal being swept out by the club. He said in an interview two days later: "Chelsea ruined me. I don't know what to do now. I am shocked and puzzled by their decision. I don't expect them to pay my salary during the suspension, but I never thought about it. They will fire me. Why can’t they wait for the FA penalty decision before making a decision? My career is over!” The frustrated Mutu even thought of retiring: “I think I should leave football. , What is left for me now?"


Mutu's use of cocaine is indeed a serious violation of the FA regulations, but certain details of the Chelsea club's dealings have also caused extensive discussion. Premier League Players League Chairman Taylor said: “Chelsea’s approach is out of order because Mutu didn’t even attend the hearing! Chelsea just wanted to deal with Mutu as soon as possible because they didn’t want this young man anymore, they didn’t even think about it. In the future of the players...Chelsea should take on the responsibility of helping Mutu detox and recover."


What makes Taylor even more puzzled is that Chelsea executives repeatedly emphasized that the club firmly opposed the use of illegal drugs, but when the relevant anti-doping organization went to the club for drug testing, all Chelsea team members were on holiday. Taylor said: "Chelsea spends so much money on players, but have they ever thought that the club has not guided the players' lifestyle at all!"


At Juventus, Mutu restarted his career


In the end, Mutu was banned by the FA for seven months (the ban was subsequently recognized by FIFA and the ban was extended to the world). Fortunately, Mutu was at the peak of his career, and the long suspension did not ruin his career. In January 2005, Mutu signed a contract with Serie A giants Juventus and officially joined the team. Since then, Mutu has played in Serie A for 7 seasons, and there is no lack of 22 goals in a single season.

最后,穆图被足总禁赛七个月(禁令随后被国际足联认可,并且禁令扩大到世界范围)。幸运的是,Mutu处于职业生涯的顶峰,长期的停职并没有破坏他的职业生涯。 2005年1月,穆图与意甲巨人尤文图斯签订了合同,并正式加入了球队。从那以后,穆图已经在意甲打了7个赛季,而且在一个赛季中也不乏22个进球。

After announcing his retirement in 2016, Mutu served as the head coach of FC Voluntari and Al WahdaU21, and also served as the chairman of Dynamo Bucharest from 2017 to 2018. On January 9, 2020, the Romanian Football Association officially announced that Mutu will serve as the head coach of the Romanian U21 national team.

穆图在2016年宣布退休后,曾担任FC Voluntari和Al WahdaU21的主教练,并于2017年至2018年担任布加勒斯特迪纳摩主席。2020年1月9日,罗马尼亚足球协会正式宣布穆图将任职担任罗马尼亚U21国家队主教练。

Among the players who have been dismissed, I’m afraid it’s more


At the end of his career, Anelka played for Shanghai Shenhua, West Brom, Mumbai City and other teams. While playing for West Brom, the famous football player who watched all the storms also suffered expulsion.

在职业生涯的最后,阿内尔卡效力于上海申花,西布朗,孟买市和其他球队。在为西布朗(West Brom)效力时,看着所有暴风雨的著名足球运动员也被驱逐出境。

In the Premier League held on December 28, 2013, Anelka scored two goals to help West Brom draw with West Ham in 3:3. After scoring the first goal, Anelka straightened his right arm and placed the palm of his left hand on his right arm. In Europe, this gesture is considered to have a clear "anti-Semitic" meaning.


The referee did not comment on Anelka's actions at the time, but the FA and anti-racism organizations immediately launched an investigation into Anelka's actions after the game. On February 27, 2014, the Football Association made a final penalty for Anelka’s controversial celebration-a five-game suspension, a fine of 80,000 pounds, and an order to complete relevant education courses.

裁判员当时未对阿内尔卡的行为发表评论,但足总和反种族组织立即对阿内尔卡的行为展开了调查。 2014年2月27日,足协对有争议的阿内尔卡(Anelka)庆典进行了最后罚款,其中包括停赛5场,罚款80,000英镑和完成相关教育课程的命令。

People thought that this incident would come to an end, but they did not expect Anelka to suddenly release a statement on March 15, 2014, announcing that he had terminated the contract with West Brom. Anelka wrote on social media: "I have decided to make myself a free agent again, and I will end my contract with West Brom. After negotiations with the club, the club has offered me some serious I cannot accept the conditions of returning to the team. In order to defend my integrity, I decided to end the contract immediately."

人们以为这一事件将结束,但他们并不期望阿内尔卡(Anelka)会在2014年3月15日突然发表声明,宣布他已经终止了与西布朗(West Brom)的合同。阿内尔卡在社交媒体上写道:“我决定再次让自己成为自由球员,我将终止与西布朗的合同。在与俱乐部谈判之后,俱乐部为我提供了一些严肃的条件,我无法接受重返俱乐部的条件。为了维护我的正直,我决定立即终止合同。”

Judging from the reaction of West Brom Club, Anelka did not inform the team of his choice in advance. Soon after, the furious West Brom also made an official response: "The club believes that Anelka's actions in the game on December 28th and on the social networking site just now are serious misconduct. As a result, West Brom decided to inform Ane. Elka will be terminated within 14 days.” In this way, Anelka was fired by West Brom.

从西布朗俱乐部的反应来看,阿内尔卡没有事先告知球队自己的选择。不久之后,愤怒的西布朗(West Brom)也做出了官方回应:“俱乐部认为,阿内尔卡(Anelka)在12月28日的比赛以及目前在社交网站上的行为都是严重的不当行为。因此,西布朗(West Brom)决定通知阿内·埃尔卡(Ane。Elka)将在14天内终止。”这样,阿内尔卡被西布罗姆解雇了。

After leaving the Premier League, Anelka did not manage to redeem his reputation through his performance on the court. When he joined Nero Brasil, he delayed the report for various reasons. The unbearable Atletico Mineiro finally decided not to sign with Anelka, not only that, they even considered sue the French star to FIFA.

离开英超联赛后,阿内尔卡(Anelka)无法通过在场上的表现来挽回声誉。当他加入Nero Brasil时,他出于各种原因推迟了报告。难以忍受的马蒂内罗最终决定不与阿内尔卡签约,不仅如此,他们甚至考虑起诉这位法国球星到国际足联。

The current Anelka is working for the Lille coaching staff, his main job is to help the team train young forwards.


As early as the age of 17, Adam Johnson represented Middlesbrough in the UEFA Cup. As the representative player of the Fort Mi Castle, Adam Johnson has a sharp breakthrough and exquisite footwork. Mancini was compared with the legendary Welsh star Giggs.

早在17岁时,亚当·约翰逊(Adam Johnson)就代表米德尔斯堡参加了欧洲联盟杯。作为Fort Mi Castle的代表球员,亚当·约翰逊(Adam Johnson)取得了重大突破,而且步法精致。曼奇尼与传奇的威尔士巨星吉格斯进行了比较。

Adam Johnson has played for Middlesbrough, Leeds United, Watford, Manchester City and Sunderland in his career.

亚当·约翰逊(Adam Johnson)在职业生涯中曾为米德尔欧巴体育斯堡,利兹联,沃特福德,曼城和桑德兰效力。

On August 24, 2012, Adam Johnson joined his hometown team Sunderland with a transfer fee of 10 million pounds, and the two sides signed a 4-year contract. For Sunderland, a small business, it seems very lucky to be able to buy an England international like Adam Johnson. Sunderland coach Martin O'Neal said: "Adam Johnson meets the team's requirements for high-quality players... He is extremely capable and I can guarantee that he will inspire the enthusiasm of the fans."

2012年8月24日,亚当·约翰逊(Adam Johnson)以1000万英镑的转会费加入了他的家乡球队桑德兰(Sunderland),双方签署了为期4年的合同。对于一家小型企业桑德兰来说,能够买到像亚当·约翰逊这样的英格兰国脚似乎很幸运。桑德兰教练马丁·奥尼尔说:“亚当·约翰逊满足了球队对高素质球员的要求……他非常有能力,我可以保证他会激发球迷们的热情。”

Facts have proved that Adam Johnson not only did not bring much enthusiasm to the fans, but because of an incident brought extremely bad effects to the club.


On March 2, 2015, Adam Johnson was charged by the English police for allegedly assaulting a girl under the age of 16. After the incident, Adam Johnson was arrested by the police at his home and was subsequently released on bail. Although Adam Johnson has already been charged with three counts at this time, the player himself has expressed firm denial of all the charges, so the Sunderland club also chose to continue to use Adam Johnson.

2015年3月2日,英国警方指控亚当·约翰逊(Adam Johnson)殴打一名16岁以下的女孩,事发后,亚当·约翰逊(Adam Johnson)在其家中被警察逮捕,随后被保释。尽管此时亚当·约翰逊已被指控三项罪名,但球员本人已坚决否认所有指控,因此桑德兰俱乐部也选择继续使用亚当·约翰逊。

On February 6, 2016, Adam Johnson completed the last match for Sunderland (2:2 draw with Liverpool). Four days later, he attended the trial for alleged assault on the girl and confessed to allegations of sexual relations with the girl. On February 10, Adam Johnson was sentenced to six years in prison by the court, and the Sunderland Club also issued an official statement to expel Adam Johnson.

2016年2月6日,亚当·约翰逊完成了桑德兰的最后一场比赛(与利物浦2:2抽签)。四天后,他因涉嫌殴打女孩而参加了审判,并承认与女孩发生性关系的指控。 2月10日,亚当·约翰逊(Adam Johnson)被法院判处六年徒刑,桑德兰俱乐部(Sunderland Club)也发布正式声明,将亚当·约翰逊(Adam Johnson)开除。

On March 22, 2019, Adam Johnson was released from jail three years early, but judging from the current situation, no British club would be willing to open its doors to him. At the same time, due to Adam Johnson's relatively bad criminal record, it is also difficult for him to obtain the visa needed to travel abroad.

2019年3月22日,亚当·约翰逊(Adam Johnson)提前三年被释放出狱,但从目前情况来看,没有英国俱乐部愿意向他敞开大门。同时,由于亚当·约翰逊的犯罪记录相对较差,他也很难获得出国旅行所需的签证。

Some people believe that expulsion means the end of career. This statement is not accurate. For those players who have committed bad mistakes, expelling does mean the end of their careers. But for the vast majority of players who have been expelled, the expulsion experience will become their valuable asset and will serve as a warning in their future careers.


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